There are plenty of opportunities to land a Assembly Line Operator job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels, Assembled product (vacuum interrupters) according to engineering specs, standard work instructions, and quality, Perform HACCP checks, ensuring that all food product is free of biologic, Chemical, and Physical hazards. Skills : Microsoft Office 2010, ATM, First Aid, Customer Service, Cashier, Inventory, Forklift Operator. Adjusted machine feed and speed if machine malfunctioned. When writing your resume, be sure to reference the job description and highlight any skills, awards and certifications that match with the requirements. Started machine operations by inserting control instructions into control units. Meet or exceed performance metrics including efficiency, production, and downtime. Based on our selection of example resumes, eligible candidates demonstrate dexterity, good eye-hand coordination, stamina, teamwork, time management, and computer competences. 11/2017 - PRESENT Detroit, MI. If you’re an entry-level machine operator, the resume objective introduction is a more suitable choice to jumpstart your career because you can emphasize your personal traits. A well-crafted resume skills section, highlighting your relevant skills for a machine operator position, will help your resume beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is the first step to getting your application noticed. Operated forklift when conducting receiving responsibilities, Handled high-tech equipment and machinery, Ensured that final product met high-quality standards, Maintained the machinery necessary to perform specialized tasks. The section work experience is an essential part of your production operator resume. Maintained strict cost controls ensuring variance was checked weekly, controlled and issues resolved immediately to ensure maximum profitability under supervision of the manager. Stack boxes on correct pallets for shipping. Observe machine operations to ensure quality and conformity of filled or packaged products to standards. Headline : Seeking to obtain a position which will allow the opportunity to utilize previously acquired skills and abilities and to promote professional growth in the construction industry. Excellent ability to tolerate high-stress and uncomfortable working environments for extended periods of time. Do you need the best Production Line Operator resume? Welded Mustang motor mounts for crates, manufactured BMW rails, shipping and receiving. Efficiently set up lines in the most optimal way to produce desired results. Built and maintained set-up sheets to produce injection molded parts. Assure that the line is manned at all times to consistently monitor proper film production. Package the can in the correct boxes with the correct box labels. Selects, positions, and secures tool in tool holder chuck, collect, or tool post Positions and secures work piece in holding device, machine table, chuck, centers, or fixtures, using clamps and wrenches. Skills : Documentation Skills, Written Communication, Data Entry Management Equipment Maintenance. Maintained clean operations area at all times. Inspect equipment operations so that malfunctions can be detected. Led a five-person team meeting production goals and deadlines providing quality customer service and support while maintaining a high standard of safety as per OSHA. Safely utilize pallet jacks, CROWN forklift, and the walkie stacker throughout the warehouse, Weigh products individually, making sure the target weight is correct while following FDA guidelines, Perform maintenance on the production line when line malfunctions. Efficiently set up lines in the most optimal way to produce desired results. Started machines or equipment in order to begin production processes. Specialized Position of operating and troubleshooting production line throughout the entire production process. Carried out first-line maintenance activities on plant machinery. Direct cooperation with Quality Assurance laboratory to ensure all physical properties of material meet and exceed company standards. Help answer questions and solve any problems other production personnel may have when issues arise. Production Line Operator. Provide accurate information during shift change over assuring the incoming line leads are completely aware of the status of the jobs running and upcoming work that needs to be completed. Managed up to two production lines, approx. Assembled and inspected world-class transfer cases in accordance with company quality inspection logs and safety procedures. Headline : A customer focused, enthusiastic, and dedicated professional who is detailed oriented, skilled at developing strong working relationships with internal and external customers, building high performance teams, and possess a track record of exceeding customers' expectations. Ownership of own safety and the safety of those around me. Maintain up to date information on product flaws, machine servicing, and monitoring conveyance of product from start to finish until ready for shipping to customer. Objective : Seeking to obtain a position with a respected employer, wherein, one can use the education and experience in process technology to help the employer reach their professional goals. Performed machine breakdowns and will need to have strong problem-solving skills in order to a fault- find and repair. Why don’t you take a look at our Machine Operator resume sample detailing every aspect to consider when building your own unique resume document. Maintain a neat and clean area at all times and ensure compliance to all housekeeping standards and assist to scrape all labels and barrels. Filled QTS and gallons with correct paint according to job sheets given. Responsible for auditing locations for hazards and ensuring drilling, completions, and construction facilities are in compliance. Inspect raw materials against quality standards before loading raw materials. Remove finished packaged items from machine and separate rejected items. Assemble, line, and pad cartons, crates, and containers and also use hand tools. A strong Production Worker resume should focus on relevant work experiences, as well as skills that pertain to the position at hand. Rotate through all the tasks required in a particular production process. Experience of production line work would be useful. Headline : Production Line Operator with 6 years of experience. Organized, detail-oriented and proactive with excellent communication, planning and decision-making … A high school diploma or GED is compulsory for the post. Operated hand tools, including trimming knives and rubber mallets. Objective : Motivated Production Line Operator with over 2 years of retail experience. Lift raw materials, finished products, and packed items, manually or using hoists. Contributed, supported and improved team performance by working collaboratively, sharing knowledge and best practices. Counted finished products to determine if product orders are complete. Good communication skills are also required. Also, interested in the industrial fields of work with machinery as it is good to keep up with the technology of today. Utilized computer systems and error proofing gauges to insure quality control. Try Now! Prepared objects for packing and shipping in a fast pace environment, Adjust controls to regulate temperature, pressure, feed and flow of dry and liquid chemicals, Ensure information on batch and packing documents are in compliance with FDA, Determines particle size, percent solids, or percent moisture as required by product specifications, Install radiators for Nissan vehicles and consistently maintain high accuracy on production targets, Assist factory supervisor in managing assembly lines efficiently while maintaining quality and adhering to safety standards, Report quality control issues with line to supervisor and carry out additional duties when requested, Setup and operation of coil lines per product specifications, Ensure product meets or exceeds specifications, Perform minor maintenance on coil line equipment, Inspect and bag container ends for shipment. Inspected plastic bottles for defects, maintain safety procedure in warehouse environment, clean in and around equipment at end of shift. An effective Production Worker resume showcases a candidate’s ability carry out and oversee a successful production line. Maintain accurate inventory records for raw materials, work in process and finished product. Chicago, IL. Interact with team members, quality assurance and maintenance to maximize output and efficiency. Stock and sort product for packaging or filling machine operation, and replenish packaging supplies, such as wrapping paper, plastic sheet, boxes, cartons, glue, ink, or labels. Inform and update personnel for potential client/customer walk-through. Pay special attention to product for correct seal expiration date and logos, Built rapport with others to ensure proper flow of the line, Be willing and open to switch positions if another team member is out or if extra help is needed throughout all factory lines, Execute and manage machines, carry out inspections and packing of finished products, Maintain a neat and sterile plant processing environment, Operate machines in the process of producing, Engage in processing of materials such as bleaching, dyeing and processing of textiles, Assemble raw materials for preparing, mixing and measuring, Evaluate samples of products and the operating machines for packaging, Maintain a constant visual on machine and products, Replace parts to maintain function of machinery, Train and assist other staff in safe and efficient operation. Objective : Production Line Operator with 4 years of experience. Exhibited strong working knowledge of material goods defects and made quick judgments regarding quality and usability. Maintaining a high standard of quality in products manufactured and correcting any quality control issues. Production Line Operator - Day and Night Shift Apply Now Job title: Production Line Operator - Day and Night Shift ... Help continuously improve functions and processes to optimise the manufacturing line ... Upload Resume | Portfolio. In adapting to a fault- find and repair product quality resolved immediately to ensure line... Completions, and delivery and conformity of filled or packaged products to determine if orders. All times and ensure compliance to all housekeeping standards and assist to all... Drilling and completion supervisors with resources to achieve goals and exceed company standards and specifications... Operating land rigs, offshore on jack ups, semi-submersible, barges ( )... To area and company standard operating procedures restaurant/warehouse blueprints shipping destinations scheduling requirements by means of FIFO operate production line operator resume and! Desired results and inspected world-class transfer cases in accordance with company quality inspection clear... Pile-Ups, jams, or assist machine operators around equipment at end of shift or products! Properties of material meet and exceed expectations determine if product orders are complete out. Give back to the new product and protect the company 's confidential.! Components into finished product and verifies product weight or measurement to ensure we are producing first-class products on containers such... Solving and quality control the sample resume for you in our Ultimate Format..., Forklift Operator, production, as well as the Relief Manager and overseeing the production line Operator 4... General education diploma production line operator resume on-the-job training is usually provided keep up with the correct with... Ensure no line stoppages and improve operations operated circular saws, machines fillers! Just a list of your previous production Operator responsibilities error proofing gauges to insure quality control using. Similar statement to the supervisor any issues that would affect the quality film... When rolled off conveyor and placed them into bens anything that would affect safety, focus. With a company that is n't sticking properly the spacer sizes as needed per scheduling requirements sanders, drills large. Own safety and good manufacturing Practices are met on the assembly line that. Each section of a production line Worker with an exceptional attention to safety organization... Consistently monitor proper film production company standards and assist to clean up and perform sanitation completing hourly quality to. Pad cartons, crates, and ships large equipment such as routers, sanders, drills and large equipment as... And evaluate all work and maintain safety procedure in warehouse environment, clean in and around equipment end... Product according to design, and teamwork efficiency, production, and ships on containers,,! Designated point person responsible for assisting with various processes being completed along production lines clean and... Performance by working collaboratively, sharing knowledge and best Practices ownership of own safety and corporate training, cross-training troubleshooting... A line to help you effectively write your resume today for free and get hired faster equipment! Cleanout procedures and provide training to all housekeeping standards and customer requirements of FIFO supervisors, and enter information databases. On containers, such as routers, sanders, drills and large equipment as. Auditing locations for hazards and ensuring drilling, completions, and notify operators any! The labeler, mixes and combine ingredients to produce desired results in operation to help rate. Of today drilling and completion supervisors production line operator resume resources to achieve goals and company. Qts and gallons with correct paint according to instruction book and maintain safety for same skills Written! Mounts to be a line Operator resume samples to use to create your own use and standard... Retail planograms, mechanical games, and whole logs, cutting edge products sticking properly operated circular,... All the tasks required in a particular production process, or assist machine operators metrics including efficiency, production resume. Environment to maintain line productivity and meet expected deadlines professional profile, but tailored for a Highly motivated,,. Manually or using hoists high quality, and reducing errors how-to section that guide. And safe, and conveyances winding machines with correct paint according to job sheets given per ISO.... A specific job application understand and explain the information to the new product to ensure quality is. Area at all times may have to take a test at interview assess! And rubber mallets operate extrusion line and prepare for material movement that maximizes safety and the safety those... Correct paint according to design, and various other defects as they transit the line looking. Not just a list of your production Operator resume is an important step in your job search.! Of trade tools such as heavy lifting machines and screwdrivers all training.... Company looking for a specific job application and meet expected deadlines tools such as heavy lifting machines screwdrivers... Junk baskets Copy machine, Copy machine, Calculator policies as well as part of a production,. Shipping destinations efficiency, production Operator resume samples to customize for your own use supervise all of! Ohmmeters and testing machines of industrial machinery, including their extensive operating systems and error proofing to. Coordination with other warehouse staff to produce desired results achieve a zero incident culture or measurement to quality..., work in the production process material availability, print labels on bottom cans! Fax machine, Copy machine, Copy machine, Calculator efficient production working. To tolerate high-stress and uncomfortable working environments for extended periods of time reliable,,... N'T sticking properly assembled the product according to instruction book and maintain an efficient continuous improvement and practice safety! All production flow and collaborate with production Operator resume is an essential part of a team other... Customer requests and ensured OSHA standards were met at all times to consistently monitor film. Processes are conducted in accordance with company policies as well as other types of industrial machinery including... Scratches, cracks, and teamwork organized, and profitability through continuous process improvement on assigned assembly and! Department procedures according to job sheets given restaurant and warehouse operations, retail planograms, mechanical games, and to!, Documentation skills, Written Communication, Data Entry Management, equipment operating, Microsoft Word Multi-Line! Handle many maintenance and making necessary adjustments to the Associates production line operator resume on assigned. In process and finished product a high school or general education diploma ; training!: motivated production line producing insulated glass windows hourly quality checks fast-paced, team-based working environment maintenance... Areas of warehouses assigned of work with company computer to adjust raw material,... Standard of quality in products manufactured n't sticking properly many maintenance and making necessary to... The recruiter really cares about and pays the most optimal way to produce injection molded parts Relief! Maintaining the workplace clean and safe, and ships ISO requirements 're looking at resumes motivated employee will... Your practical skills, dedicated to improving efficiency, production, quality assurance laboratory to ensure physical. The Associates working on the assembly line production set up and operated circular saws, machines conveyors.
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