Read also: How to clean and disinfect your phone. Using the vacuum’s tiniest attachment, gently suck the hair, crumbs, and crud from between the laptop’s keys. Cleaning a keyboard can appear to be a daunting task – all those little keys, fixed gently on to the keyboard, with lots of edges and crevices for the dust to get trapped in. If you’re going to be cleaning your laptop keyboard, shut down your laptop and remove the battery. When the “general cleaning” of the laptop is planned, it is necessary to start with it. It’s a good idea to clean your laptop keyboard regularly. Linen is a lint-free fabric, so it can be a viable option for cleaning your laptop if you don't have a microfiber cloth on hand. Does this look even slightly familiar? Expert Interview. Spilling your soda and getting real sticky keys. If you spill liquid in your laptop and you see or smell anything burning, or you feel heat, stay clear of the device. Turn off the laptop. Cleaning these small areas can be extremely fiddly if you don’t have the right kit; even if the keys can be removed individually it is extremely time consuming and a lot of work to put them back. All you have to do is insert the straw-like plastic hose inside the nostril of the can and you're ready to blast away. Safely Clean an Alienware Laptop Keyboard. Here at Digital Trends, we’re not immune to this even though we’re experts on these things. I tried tilting and tapping but it didn't work. Some people prefer to clean the keyboard by using a can of compressed air. Mix a couple drops of Dawn (or another, inferior dish soap) and a couple cups of warm water together, dip your lint-free cloth in the soapy mixture, wring out, … ", "A spoon wrapped in a wet wipe worked very well.". % of people told us that this article helped them. Note: If the key doesn't go back on by pressing it back into place, you may need to read the instruction manual for your laptop to see if there are any special instructions for key replacement. “When cleaning a keyboard, you have a couple of things to think about,” Maker says. Hold the keyboard upside down and tap it gently to remove loose dirt and other debris. If we plan to just clean the dirt from the front panel, you need to use a dispenser. Wipe the keyboard using a, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth that’s lightly dampened with only water. The same goes for the keyboard or the trackpad. If they still don't work, search online for a troubleshooting guide for your specific laptop model. That's right, the bottle that you use on your hot dog can actually attach to a vacuum extension for the kind of deep clean your keyboard deserves. How to properly clean dust ? To clean a keyboard, start by turning off your computer and disconnecting any cables attached to the keyboard so you don't get shocked. keyboard - vacuum cleaner fans - you can a use a vacuum cleaner or … Alas, one can’t escape the dust but what you can do is keep cleaning your laptop from outside routinely. Gross! Use Cotton Swabs between the Keys These can be dry or lightly moistened with a gentle cleaner. In addition to protecting you from shock, turning off the power means you won’t accidentally send a garbled email to your boss! Your laptop keyboard can easily become dirty. Use compressed air to blow between the keys. Instead, use a vacuum. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. If you have a desktop, power down, unplug your computer, and disconnect its keyboard. Laptop users should just turn their computer off and make sure it isn't charging. Shake it! As you follow these steps, remember to use the straw included with the compressed air to control airflow, and … Also, spray between the keys with a can of compressed air to dislodge any dust and debris. As mentioned, laptop keyboards can be tricky to deal with, and doing so can sometimes void the warranty. (I have never tried it on the internal parts of a computer, but it should work) Clean your keyboard. If your keyboard is otherwise clean then this is the perfect solution for making sure there is no build-up of dust in and around the keys. You could be seriously burned or suffer an electrical shock. Use a can of compressed air (available from photo and computer stores) to blow dust and debris from the surface and from between the keys. A clean keyboard translates to a nice looking laptop and a longer life. ven98 ACE Posts: 4,076 Pathfinder. To disinfect the area, use cotton swabs and isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Skipping regular cleaning can lead to frequent illness from bacteria and even diminish laptop performance. How to clean your laptop keyboard While the inside of your laptop might be rife with dust, the keyboard is usually the candidate for dirtiest part of your laptop. If you're looking for another fuss-free way to clean those keys, check out this easy sticky note trick in the video found here and follow the steps below to get cleaning. References. everyone is lazy to do any kind of cleaning and about electronic all we know how hard it is. First thing’s first, unplug your keyboard. 4. No. How to clean the keyboard of your MacBook or MacBook Pro. ... motherboard ram and most important for me atleast is keyboard / under the keyboard and the surface of laptop it gets easily my fingerprints . Dust, skin particles, and hand oils will eventually accumulate on a keyboard and mouse. Be safe! Try running a sticky note between the keys of your keyboard to collect crumbs and dust. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. This genius hack will get all those crumbs out of your keyboard. How are we supposed to look at this while our computer is turned off? Unscrew the screws holding the battery under the casing, or slide the battery out on its own, if your battery casing has no screws. If it's a chiclet keyboard (without grooves like a traditional keyboard, often found on Mac products), stick with a microfiber cloth instead of a sticky note. Start with a dry microfiber cloth: Use this to wipe down your keyboard before you get into the more detailed work. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Now use a can of canned air (called many things) with the straw in it, and go over the keyboard as good as you can, blowing between the keys. Filip Boksa. For some reason, I didn't think of my vacuum before reading this article. If you do remove them, take a photo of your keyboard beforehand so you remember where they go. First, remove the dust by rubbing a dry microfiber cloth over the screen. No. 2. Even if you get the laptop dry, residue from sugary, acidic, or alcoholic drinks may still be present, and that residue may affect the functionality of your keyboard in the future. It may also need cleaning if a drink spills on it or the keys are sticky. Hit it with compressed air: Like the microfiber cloth, compressed air can get some dust off your keyboard before you get into detailed work.

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