The legal basis about the German job seeker visa can be found here under section 18c. This permit allows the holder to stay in Germany … Get them signed or attested. Posted: (2 days ago) Here is the list of the criteria that you have to fulfill to be eligible to apply for the Germany job seeker visa: Applicants must be a holder of bachelor or master’s degree in from a German university or any foreign degrees equivalent to German Degrees. However, not everyone is eligible for this type of visa, and to be granted one, certain requirements must be met. 3. Checklist for germany job seeker visa 1. Germany Job Seeker Visa- Brief. Please bring your original certificates and translations if applicable. Please DO NOT staple any documents. The EU Blue Card, like all longer-term residence permits, is issued exclusively by the relevant foreigners authority in Germany. proof of recent job search in Germany (e.g. The job seeker visa allows interested foreign specialists with vocational training or university degree recognized in Germany to seek an employment in Germany for a maximum of 6 months corresponding to their qualifications. The Germany job seeker visa is a type of long-term visa which entitles you to stay in Germany for up to six months and search for a job. Next step is to fill the application form with correct and complete information. Once, you have completed the form; submit it to the concerned authorities. What is the Germany Job Seeker Visa Scheme? This visa stays valid for six months. If your are planning to apply for the Germany Job seeker visa here is the list of documents you need to prepare before you can submit your case in any German Consulate worldwide. Checklist for long-stay visa: Job-Seeker-Visa Please prepare two identical application sets with all of the following documents in the given order. How I got a Job Seeker Visa in Germany. email correspondence re applications, job offers, agency enquiries, etc.) - Further information regarding living and working in Germany is available at Finding Germany Job Seeker Visa ® Checklist - Success Rate. Incomplete documentation may result in the rejection of your application. Jobseeker visa in Germany provides the facility to immigrants of a long term residency permit. proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the time of your stay in Germany a) confirmation of blocked bank account in Germany with an amount of … Studying & Language Learning Visa – for foreigners who wish to enter the country with the sole purpose of attending a language course or to continue their studies at an educational institution in Germany. Job-Seeker Visa (EU Blue Card Entry Visa) The EU Blue Card allows third-country nationals with a university degree to take up employment in Germany in accordance with their qualifications. Job Seeker Visa – gives to its holder the opportunity to come to Germany and seek a job. If by the end of your six months’ residency in Germany, you can find a job then, in that case, you will be given a German work visa or permit. The full name for it is “Temporary residence permit for qualified skilled workers seeking employment”.. I started on the path to a Job Seeker Visa in the fall of 2018 and was accepted in December 2018. If you have already made up your mind for settlement in Germany, then first, gather all the relevant documents in advance. The Germany Jobseeker Visa is an initiative by the German Federal Government to encourage qualified, skilled immigrants, to enter the country, find a job of their choice, and settle in the country with a work permit in the long-term.. By obtaining this visa, and with the right qualification/qualified professionals get access to the German job market. Germany job seeker visa checklist. Checklist for Germany Job Seeker Visa 2. What is a job seeker visa for Germany?
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