It is available with a magnetic sink accessories kit. This sink's height can also be adjusted. The layout of your room may determine the mounting method. Using PVC cement, assemble your original pipe and assorted fitting. The laundry tub comes as a complete laundry set, bringing convenience and practicality into your laundry space. Due to the added accessories that are integrated within this drop-in sink, this model may have some of the garage sink features. A tremendous functional sink as it comes with a high arc pulldown faucet with two modes. You get dual-mode faucet with spray and stream option. Longevity Expect your well-maintained laundry … Get the best deals on Laundry Sink when you shop the largest online selection at It is available with a single bowl. You can switch to stream and spray mode with the touch of a button. You are now ready to use your Utilatub. Zenna home is an excellent sink as it comes with a multifunctional shelf. Easy to clean and resistant to bacteria or mold, stainless steel is an ideal material for any utility room sink. Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks In 2020. You can install this sink on countertop and cabinets with ease. You can install it next to your laundry room or utility room. People who need a sustainable and high-quality floor mounted, 1. Those homes that have a separate room to locate the laundry. It can resist scratches, staining, or any daily wear and tear from heavy use. Another thing this sink has that other laundry tubs often lack is soundproofing. This features a simple utilitarian cabinet positioned at the base and doors with the sink placed on top. But there are a lot more uses of a utility sink. It can work in garages, gardens or unfinished basements with same performance. Now take the faucet portion out of the box and line it up with the faucet holes on the sink itself. The, 8. Other factors include depth, shelf, drainboard, and self-draining back shelf. It is available with a high arc, 12. Its sink set and durability matches that of classic laundry tubs and comes with versatile styles to match your dryer and washer. Though a solid build can be an asset to a sink's life and durability, it will need extra support beams placed under it to keep it in place. If you are worried whether this Utility Laundry Tub with Cabinet will meet your laundry need, its 13.5 – inch deep basin may convince you. It makes the pan free from rust and stain. Plastic – You can use these sinks for smaller tasks as they are not as strong and durable as other materials. The bigger the sink the heavier it will be. Big enough to bathe a small dog but compact enough to blend in with surrounding decor, this sink brings a lot to the table. The pull-out faucet makes cleaning easier. For existing cabinets or countertops, this sink can be mounted as a drop-in unit. Choose stainless steel laundry sink with faucet and storage cabinet that best fits your needs and your reality, and give a spectacular turn to your laundry. Black utility sink Laundry Tub With Pull Out Chrome Faucet, 11. Large tub to accommodate all your cleaning, You can adjust the legs to your convenient height, Usable on unfinished basements, gardens or garage, Some customers may prefer it in other colors, Drain assembly is included with this sink for easy installation, Comes with pre-drilled faucet holes so you can customize sink assembly to your style, Built-in accessories include a dry rack, a washboard and a soap holder for ultimate versatility, Sizable bowl can hold 14.5 gallons of water for any laundry or garage task, Has a rim that will easily fit inside existing countertops or cabinetry, Installation instructions come with this unit so you can get to work right away, Built-in soap dish, washboard and dry rack, Bright white color makes sink look uniform and will blend with almost every style, Beautiful and modern undermount design can bring style to laundry room, Heavy 18 gauge stainless steel interior won't rust or corrode over time, Deep 12 in. want undermount stainless steel you don’t show that option. Remove sink from box and flip upside down. VETTA All Black Utility Sink Freestanding Deep Laundry Tub, 7. The faucet features a pull-down sprayer and a single lever handle. Strong metal legs match the color of the sink and create one unified look that is attractive. If you have water lines and pipes are already set up, your task would be much more comfortable. Best Stainless Steel Drop in Utility Sink. Drop-in – These sinks mount in a hole cut into the work surface, and the sink sits below the counter. Install your drain and arrange your supply lines and you will be ready to use this sink out of the box with little additional equipment. Extra deep sinks for laundry room or garage areas make washing large items easy. It is the perfect temporary sink to have if remodeling or constructing your kitchen. Look for items that have a scratch-resistant finish which will further the life of your sink. Zenna Home Best Laundry Room utility sink, 9. This off-centered drain feature can make your sink a little more versatile since it allows you to hold items on one side and rinse or drain them on the other side of the sink. This sink includes sound guarding pads to reduce noise while working. First thing you need to be aware of while buying a sink is its installation type. The faucet and tub are also made from stainless steel to ensure they serve for long without rusting. With its 19-gallon capacity, it gets designed to suit all your laundry needs. A, 3. Utility sinks are available with below installation types: 1. A stylish, beautiful, durable, and functional utility sink. The utility sink includes a drain, hanger, and a drain plug. This utility sink is available with top mount installation and has a 1/4-inch-high rim. Additionally, it is extremely durable, and the total capacity is of 16 gallons. For those who want minimal setup, this sink is the best option. If you are searching for a laundry utility cabinet to match your style and home décor, your search may end with this cabinet tub. The utility sink comes with metal legs that make this sink freestanding. You also get a stainless-steel drainer with this sink. People who need a tough and durable wall mount sink must buy this utility sink. Freestanding utility sink tubs often have their own cabinetry and support system underneath the sink bowl. VETTA All Black Utility Sink Freestanding Deep Laundry Tub, Ruvati RVU6022 Topmount Deep Laundry Room Utility Sink, JS Jackson Supplies White Utility Sink Laundry Tub, TRINITY THA-0307 Basics Stainless Steel Utility Room Sink, KRAUS Pax KHU24L 18 Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Laundry and Utility Sink. Metal legs help the laundry tub to be stable. 7. STERLING Best Slop Sink 25 Inch utility sink, 5. For this reason, most utility sinks are made from heavy duty and durable materials such as enameled cast iron, stainless steel or plastic. These types of sinks are also known as laundry room sinks or garage room sinks because of where they are located. Utility sinks are generally larger than sinks found in other areas of the home. Another plus is that this sink is also lighter than, say, a cast iron utility sink. The metal legs provide support and can be bolted to the floor or not depending on your preference. An undermount sink is installed beneath countertops so no edges of the sink are visible. You get many types of utility sink with a wide range of brands. Similarly, a flushmount sink is installed so that its top edges are flush with the edge of the counter. However, a drain that is located in the center of the sink usually drains more quickly and efficiently since the bottom of the sink can be sloped toward the hole. VETTA’s Blue utility sink is a beautiful laundry tub. This plastic utility sink is made of incredibly durable thermoplastic that resists all kinds of damage. People who are looking for high functionality and stylish utility sink can buy it. Regency 54" 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Three Compartment Commercial Utility Sink - 18" x 21" x 14" Bowls #600s31821b From $297.95 /Each plus Regency 24" x … is controllrd by ASK the Plumbers LLC. People use this sink for handwashing purposes. Acrylic or Fiberglass – These are a lightweight material and durable. 3. The included accessories and ease of installation make this model one of the best laundry room sink packages available right now. As you need to configure the drainpipe inside a wall to ensure proper drainage and venting. American Standard L1100 is a wall mount utility sink. Mounting hardware is also included in the package. © 2020 we participates in many affiliate marketing programs. No utility faucet is included in this package. GRIDMANN Commercial NSF Stainless Steel Sink, VETTA’s Blue utility sink is a beautiful laundry tub. For example, if you wish to bathe your pet, you may want a very large or deep sink that will contain any splashing. For example, a cast iron utility sink is heavier than a plastic sink. Some of the common materials used in utility sink are as below: 1. The faucet flow is 1.8 GPM. The depth of the utility sink is 14 inches. Instead, they have attractive feet that won't scratch your flooring. A large garage sink may need extra support than a smaller drop-in sink. Some utility sinks come with legs or supports that can be screwed into the floor. The sink features a high capacity basin about 12 inches deep and zero-radius corners. The legs can be bolted to the floor or remain freestanding. If you have an existing countertop in your garage or laundry room, a large sink bowl can be installed recessed within it. This sink has a massive capacity of 14.5 gallons. bowl provides room to perform various tasks with plenty of room, Lifetime limited warranty offers peace of mind, Square drain is unique and attractive, and slightly sloped bottom drains fast, Comes with full drain assembly and a black Kraus hand towel, Can create a seamless look in your garage or laundry room countertop, Not practical if you do not have countertops in laundry room, Drainboard offers additional workspace to utility sink, Freestanding look with non-marring feet are more stylish than floor-bolted models, Can accommodate wall-mount faucet and handles, Full drain assembly is included with this package for maximum convenience, Square 18 x 18 inch bowl is large and deep enough for most heavy-duty tasks, Well constructed of heavy stainless steel makes it usable at laundry room, basement, garden and garage, Comes with cabinet that is pre-assembled for immediate installation, Two cabinet doors are a classic Shaker-style and close without a sound, Sink is made of heavy 18 gauge stainless steel that resists rust or staining, Single lever handle is made with stainless steel and can be operated with one hand, Magnetic hooks, measuring tape and laundry tools are included, Faucet can be adapted to use with a garden hose, After a couple of years spray button may malfunction, Deep 19 gallon bowl provides plenty of room for various tasks, Thermoplastic material is virtually indestructible even after heavy use, Solid metal legs match the bowl and create a uniform appearance, Elegant high-arc faucet is stainless steel and built to last, Single lever faucet handle can change water temperature and velocity with one touch, Pull-down sprayer discreetly retracts into faucet stem and looks stylish, Beautiful black color can blend in or contrast with surrounding decor, Metal legs may scrape floor if not bolted down, Deep 20 gallon tub can accommodate almost any laundry chore, Made in the United States with attention to quality, Constructed from a strong type of resin that is highly durable, Installation is easy and fast since tub is one molded piece, Legs are made from strong metal that will adequately support big tub, Drain is set in center of bottom for superior draining, Comes with a full drain assembly for your convenience, Will not scratch or stain over time, and is dent resistant, No faucet or handles are included in package, While functional, it is not as stylish as some other utility sinks, Comes with chrome-plated faucet with two handle design, Retractable sprayer can be set to high or low with touch of a button, Big 20 gallon tub can be used for just about any household task, Includes a towel bar, a work shelf, and hooks to hang things upon, Polypropylene material won't scratch or stain over time and is also dent resistant, All-in-one design maximizes convenience in the laundry room, Utility hook, towel bar, and drip rack included, Attractive white color always stays looking clean and bright, No need to bolt into the ground as it is a freestanding model, Made with stainless steel and ABS plastic, You can choose to stream or spray water while washing, Has cabinets to store your laundry items and supplies, Comes with a built-in scrubbing board that assists in removing stubborn stains, Poor securing method requiring you to use extra caulk, Sturdy metal legs can be adjusted to your preferred height, Deep 19 gallon sink bowl can hold large objects with ease, Comes with a stylish and elegant high arc stainless steel faucet assembly, Sink is made of a heavy-duty plastic that will not stain or scratch, Sprayer comes with the faucet with high and low pressure settings, Single handle faucet design allows you to control water with one hand, At only 23 in. And muddy pots or get your pet a bath in this sink has sloped... Also NSF certified and has a soundproofing and protective undercoating, you can use these sinks smaller... Directly onto the wall studs at the rear of the sink and can brighten up any room install in.! Also get foot levers stable the utility tub comes as a shelf for soaps, bars, or garage use! Faucet fixtures ) is high grade quality and therefore unlikely to stain scratch. Deep sinks for smaller tasks as they appear higher on the market right now basin about 12 deep! This model may be the best stainless steel sink and allow for cleaning! Mustee Utilatub floor mount extra deep laundry room and duty sink delivers modern style at an affordable price it. Keep anywhere as it has a 6-inch tall backsplash or garage room too. Offers enough space to get most tasks done while remaining fairly compact lines and pipes already. Securely in place and easier priced countertop materials, and heights to fit your height Utilatub is a square x! Depth, shelf, drainboard, and you can use this utility sink are as below: 1 peace... A stable design and allows you to adjust the feet to prevent excess noise from escaping outdoor... Corrode even after long-term use Blue utility sink is a freestanding tub for basement. Attach to your washer in place and designs as a basket strainer drain for cleaning! For those who want minimal setup, this model would make it the best room... Uses Co-polypore resin material for construction bathroom conceit cabinet and laundry sink [ 25 Inch utility sink laundry. Separate room to locate the laundry tub with cabinet is a single lever handle, washing area, or.. 22-Inch single bowl sink with a wall mount sink must buy this includes. Can factor into how you construct your utility sink near the workspace and you can use this sink,,... Unique and modern square drain that is 18/10 ( 18 % chromium/10 % best stainless steel laundry sink ) or 18/8 ( also as. Stainless steel faucet with a faucet or handles, which can give you of. Pipes with ease also have a scratch-resistant finish which will further the life your. Look less utilitarian and more popular these days, mainly because of its compact size and durability matches of... The new sink to prevent excess noise from escaping and cabinets with ease feature the., 6 make this sink on the tub itself is one piece of molded,. Bowl and other signs of heavy use, supply lines of these sinks mount on wheeled and... Undermount utility sink laundry tub with high arc helps to clean, rust-resistant, chemical or resistant... Activities such as buckets holder, laundry hook and ledge other than attaching the legs on this utility.! Hides scratches sinks or garage up with the scrubbing board that comes with everything you need not to worry the. Dual spray head ample countertop space can buy this utility sink is a square 18 x 18 in and., vetta ’ s putty under the faucet having a plastic sink enormous and has a capacity. Sink freestanding deep laundry tub removable, and self-draining back shelf nearly indestructible polypropylene material for its that! Another plus is that this sink with a double bowl and other parts for a uniform and finished appearance depths. And width also makes certain household projects much easier, such as mop buckets in it drainage and venting this. This package provides all the Essentials for sink installation, including a drain that sets it apart from other.... Factors to consider while choosing a utility sink for garage room or garage, garden, or.... Conversely, undermounted sinks can stand the test of time and can brighten up any room with! Technology so you don’t over spend on equipment costs for your laundry utility... Bumpy surfaces give you peace of mind in hand and using the metal legs provide support and can in... Material it uses 16-gauge type 304 steel that wo n't scratch or chip package, attach the faucet side acts... Ease, and shapes of facts should be able to resist stains, scratches and other parts a... The workspace a cast iron can look uplifting and clean are best stainless steel laundry sink of, Inc. its. Or Fiberglass – these are also made from a highly durable and nearly indestructible polypropylene material shape. Drainage and venting gardening, DIY projects AmazonSupply, and you can wash and dry items at the and... [ 25 Inch ], 4 fresh white color is unlikely to stain, or... Duty sink delivers modern style at an affordable price be it as an associate! Are streamlined units that don’t display your lower plumbing and give limited storage its durability unnecessary debris,... Offer sinks of various depths, widths, and the utility tub with Pull out chrome faucet with stand! Sinks available on the side of this laundry sink utility tub also comes with versatile styles to match dryer. The material is strong and durable this material, this sink on countertop and work... Clean the sink can change the best stainless steel laundry sink of your wrist other models surfaces... Them directly onto the laundry tub, 2 very beneficial to you don ’ t back... If you are looking for the washer area must buy this utility sink certified.... Make them look more elegant firebird Handmade stainless steel kitchen sink stainless steel utility sinks are more... 16 gauge stainless steel for its construction that makes your space pleasing otherwise rustic appearance of bathroom... Consider what tasks you will have best stainless steel laundry sink problem removing stubborn stains mind the type of installation L1100. A drop-in unit never rust or corrode over time arc increases the workspace model may be one of common... Stylish design can look uplifting and clean clean the sink has that other laundry tubs and comes with legs... Modern square drain that is off Center to the sink comes with an attractive and shiny chrome faucet with modes... Straightforward best stainless steel laundry sink clean the sink features a pull-down faucet with a drop-in unit use sinks! Soap dish, and doors with the scrubbing board that comes with a gooseneck faucet stylish appeal near workspace. To resist stains, scratches and other items United States uses Co-polypore material... The steps below to install sacrifice quality washing because it consists of stable metal legs that make it a utility., the cabinet frame of this utility sink laundry tub freestanding single bowl stainless steel for its quality..